People who own ocean parks

Many people believe that when you hear the word aquatic job, it merely meant those who really get wet and dive with the sea creatures as well as all that fun stuff. But, aquatic career contains more than just those jobs. This also describes the people who own ocean parks, like a close friend of mine, does.


She has a small ocean park in the outskirts of Anniston, near Longleaf Botanical Gardens and Matas Greek Pizza also I have to admit Anniston is the best place to put up Ocean park Because there’s a lot of beautiful places and restaurant like Zinn Park, Berman Museum, Los Arcos and Classic on Noble and also with the way She works and the dedication She has showed, it will be more than merely a career for her.


She considers all the sea creatures like these are all her own pets, the difference is the fact that these are on display for others to notice as well.


In order to have a successful ocean park, the very first thing that needs to be Done is the stability and the view of the place. The giant aquariums full of marine life of all sizes need to be built in the most secure and strongest way possible.

Of course, lawn service should be well thought of, not only from a business point of view but also as a lover of the sea who hates seeing aquatic animals turn out to be a waste of life simply because of human error.


I reminded my friend about this, and also She knows that I will really discuss it with Her. That was why She took the step to hire an excellent Anniston Landscaper when he was still Designing the entire place. She hired from the reliable New Leaf Lawn & Landscape simply because She knows that I would suggest them. Well, most people living here might suggest them, it’s actually a no-brainer. She simply really values my opinion concerning the issue because he knows that I am an advocate of marine life and since She has chosen to earn a living out of them, well then, She better make sure She does it right, doesn’t she?


New Leaf Lawn and Landscape is known for fine workmanship and professional service in the design, installation, and maintenance of residential and also commercial landscaping, hardscapes, and spring and fall cleanup.


Sustaining the cleanliness of the park is also one thing that needs to be given focus on. Dirt is not going to only discourage guests from coming, it can also harm the sea creatures. Special consideration for the animals should be given because despite giving them 100 percent care and also affection, they will still not have the ability to perform at their absolute best because they are not in their natural habit. Should you end up forgetting to clean the place, the sea creatures could possibly be very susceptible to all forms of danger.


Lastly, an effective ocean park really should have quality animals to display. Meaning, they must be in top shape always, and that if you can train some of them to do tricks and shows, it would certainly encourage more people to visit the park. Hiring the best animal trainers is a must because sea animals are very difficult creatures. Only people who studied the ways of these animals will be able to successfully train them.


Putting up an Ocean Park is not a cheap business venture. That is the reason it should be presented utmost dedication for this to succeed. So, for those who have your eyes set out on this business, too, then I definitely hope you put the welfare of the animals above your business desires. If not, one day, it will all come tumbling down, I tell you.

Meeting A Realtor Who Campaigns For A Safer Home For Marine Life

Sometimes, however strong something is, it will reach a breaking point. While most of the times these decay are caused by time and natural elements, there is also the possibility of human acts that lead to chemical contamination. And no matter how big or small the chemical contamination is, it would be very wise to attend to the problem right away.

chemical contamination also happens with our oceans. Some people would justify marine abuse by saying that “the ocean is so big, it won’t hurt to contaminate a small part of it.” However, this is obviously not true. As people contaminate several “small” parts of our ocean, it grows and grows and now mother nature’s mad and is making it difficult for humans to regain what once was.

There are a lot of natural marine life that have been destroyed because of man’s doing. Hopefully, people start to realize that a change is lifestyle is called for, in order to save the bounty of nature that is left. Some may think that it is too big to soon be lost, but we can never tell when something would truly be gone. It is best to acknowledge the fact that it would all be gone if we do not do something about it, rather than turn a blind eye against the issue.

While there are still a lot of people that needs to be convinced about this reality, I am glad that some people are already on board with the campaign to start saving marine life.

While I was looking for homes for sale in Anniston, I came across a realtor that also supports campaigns that call for taking care of the Earth’s ocean. I met him while visiting a house for sale in one of the famous neighborhoods in the area.

It feels good to see other people who fight the same wars that you do, despite the fact that you do not know each other. Our common desire to save the planet led to a great friendship, and he really helped me land the home that I finally decided to get. He was a great real estate agent, not just because he did his job superbly, but because he was able to showcase that there are people in this world who have big hearts for mother Nature.

When I happen to ask him what made him support causes for saving marine life, he tells me that as a realtor who provides people with homes to live in, it pains him to see animals losing their homes. He believes that all creatures have the right to live in a wonderful home, as much as humans do. It breaks his heart that the people he fights so hard to provide great homes for, are the same species that take away the home of sea animals. As he fights to provide people with great homes, he made it a point to also be a voice for the animals who also only wish to peacefully live in their homes, too.

I was greatly moved by what he said and in my heart, I really hope that more people realize what the realtor has realized, and would help in saving marine life, and all animals in general.

Human Live Together With Marine Life

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Water Damage Company in Hoover With the Fix

Water Damage Company in Hoover With the Fix
water damage company in Hoover can fix it all

I was just getting back from an awesome trip. I was out in the Atlantic Ocean for about 3 weeks studying the shark life there. This past summer there have been so many shark attacks on the east coast, so my colleagues and I decided we would check it all out. I also was looking forward to that trip because it has been a few years since my team and I studied them. We were able to get many pictures, videos, and were able to tag a few. Their migration habits have changed a lot since we last looked into shark habits. I look forward to getting all the data back from the tagged sharks. We will probably get around 3-4 months worth of useful data from each one. I am sure some may even stay on some of the sharks longer.

When I am not out in the ocean studying I have a nice little modest home in Hoover, Alabama. I love living in that area. I am right there in Birmingham and just about an hour and a half away from Atlanta. I really enjoy being so close to the Georgia Aquarium! When I got home from this last trip, there was a terrible storm the night before. I did not get a warm welcome when I walked through the door. Throughout my whole house, there was standing water! I was sick to my stomach. I knew a great water damage company in Hoover to call, though. I knew they were the best people for water damage. They do the same work as C & M Solutions 205-877-3475, but better I think. I knew that the sooner I called the quicker they would be able to prevent mold damage.

They came out to my house that afternoon. They were friendly and very polite. All the rumors about them were true. I guess that is why they were the first company that popped in my head for this job. It only took them one afternoon and everything was cleaned up. You could not even tell that my house had anything wrong with it just a few hours ago. They were quick, easy, and very reasonably priced! If I ever have a leak again I know who I am calling!!

Losing Weight Through Paleo Compass Diet Equals Healthy Living

Live Healthy With Paleo Compass Diet

Food Items That Are Part of Paleo Compass Diet

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There are some people who are unaware of the risks of being too fat or obese, and being too skinny or malnourished. They are not aware of the risk factors, especially those people who think that growing fat over time is something natural and normal.

Excess fats in the body is not something natural or normal, thus dubbed, excess. Excess fats in the body will result to a lot of problems and people should be educated that there is an importance to losing weight.

This is an important thing for us to understand, especially those of us who campaign for life of other species. I mean, why campaign for a better life for others when you cannot live your own life in a healthy way. When you eat healthy, you value life, and that is why you fight for the lives of others.

Primarily, proper weight management equates to proper health management. When you care about your weight, chances are, you care about your health, and every healthy person will always benefit positively for being aware of how healthy or unhealthy things are going for you and your body. The things you do in order to slim down are almost the same things that you need to do to keep a healthy lifestyle, hence, we can correlate than losing weight is a healthy thing and a healthy thing is never unnecessary.

When you lose weight, you lower the chances of entertaining diseases in your body, number one of which is diabetes. To have diabetes in the body could only mean a higher risk for other diseases. This is because the immune system weakens when the body has diabetes. In order to prevent diabetes, doctors anywhere would advise their patients to lose weight since studies really show that those who are at risk of getting diabetes tend to prevent it from actually getting worse when they follow slimming techniques.

Basically, losing weight could only lead you to the direction of a better life. It can prevent diseases for you, give you a stronger heart and a stronger body, and it can make you feel better about yourself. People that do not suffer from obesity tend to be more cheerful and welcoming as well as more sociable and likable. This is because they can see themselves with positivity, which is contrary for fat people who are often times the subject of ridicule, thus causing them to be anti-social and tend to keep to themselves. They also have difficulty of enjoying the things they want because they do not have the physique to keep up with the demands of sports, dancing, and all other physical activities that are essential in honing the skills of an individual.

The desire to be in a healthy body has caused lots of people to try different kinds of diet. To tell you the truth, I am one of those people. I checked out Diets for 2015 and tried a lot from the list, including Dash Diet, HMR Diet and TLC Diet, until finally, I found the one that suits me best, Paleo Compass Diet.

Like any other form of lifestyle change, entering a diet plan is a very difficult task for the first few weeks. However, as you push forth and you see results, you will begin to embrace it more easily, and you will gradually see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Secure Your Health: Avoid Water Damage

While water is something valuable and precious, and it is something that everyone, most especially marine animals, need in their daily lives, it remains a fact that water can also become dangerous, if not properly cared for.

One of the most perilous ways for water to destroy human and animal health and home is when water is considered considered dirty and contaminated. This kinds of water can cause a lot of damage anywhere, and it occurs when there are portions of the house that has been filled with water. This may seem harmless, but as a matter of fact, areas that are filled with water when they should not have been so, cause serious threats to the home because it causes the materials to weaken and be infested with bacteria such as mold and other germs. When this problem drags, not only will the house be the sole victim, but the people living in it as well.

This type of damage should not be allowed to prolong because the more time it is given to infest, the bigger the dangers and damages it poses. As a result, the family living in the house would not only be exposed to dangers of accidents and home wreckage, but would also be viable to diseases and illnesses caused by the bacteria and germs that are slowly and numerously propagating in the water damaged areas.

The most obvious thing to do is to find out the causes of water damage and stop or minimize them from happening in your home. The knowledge of how it could end up in your house will greatly help you in making sure that it does not aggravate into bigger problems.

Humidity levels

You should make sure that the humidity level of your home will not result to too much moisture content in areas of the house. This could happen without being detected since it could start inside your walls or in areas that you do not commonly focus on. This is also increased when your crawl spaces underneath the house have open earth space that can be a source of moisture too. The best way for you to fight this off is to have a dehumidifier present in your home. Constant dehumidifying will instantly dry up the moisture before it gets the chance to permeate your floors, ceilings and walls, thus, you could prevent possible structural damages.

Clean water leaks

This type of water leakage is something better in the sense that it is made by water leaks. This means that the initial water involved in the infestation is clean thus the first threat only lies in the damage it will do to the area that has been contaminated. Clean water leaks are usually caused by appliances in the house like refrigerators and the AC system. To prevent this, make sure that you have well-functioning appliances and have them repaired as soon as they show signs of malfunctions.

Dirty water leaks

This type of water leakage should be dealt with as soon as possible because not only is the threat in the ability of the water to penetrate the materials of the house, but also in the health hazards of the dirty water to the people in the house. Dirty water leaks are usually caused by faulty plumbing.

Water damages are not something to be taken lightly because it poses so many threats to your home and your health. Have experts help you out through your water damage problems and be more cautious to avoid further damages. If you ask me, I would recommend you call flood cleanup services, even when the water damage is not caused by flood, and more so if it is. These companies are better equipped in dealing with all kinds of water contamination, so you would not have to call anybody else to fix your problems.

Water is our friend, but if it is not where it is supposed to be, it could be a bad enemy.

Preserving the Beauty of the Sea

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I love the beach. I make it a point to go to one, at least once a month. I go there to relax and enjoy the fresh breeze. Sometimes, I go there to swim, thinking that the sea would wash away all the negativity and worries I have. Also, I just really like how the cold water feels on my bae skin.

Of course, as a Marine Biologist, I really should have nothing but love for the sea. It is a part of who I am and it gives me a sense of purpose.

However, there seems to be danger. How so? Because I am afraid that if people neglect their obligations towards our beaches and the sea, then I will no longer have any place to enjoy swimming in and I will feel failure for not having enough power to save it. Of course, I really don’t have enough power to save marine life on my own. These big problems that the earth and sea life face, are in need of collective efforts. The whole world needs to join hands in protecting the planet, not just us marine people whose jobs depend on it. After all, if the sea starts to crumble and wither, it is not just our lives that would be greatly affected, but everybody else’s lives too.

There are a lot of environmental issues going on around the globe. Global warming, illegal logging and mining, and misuse of plastic and other non-biodegradable products, are a few of these problems.

Marine life has not been exempted from these troubles. Right now there are beaches that once had amazing blue waters that have turned muddy and brown because of wastes that are dumped in it. There are beaches that are found with frequent floating plastic. If I want to go scuba diving, I might only be dismayed at the discolored and dead reefs that use to be so alive and colorful.

This slow death that the marine world is slowly experiencing, no, that the whole world is experiencing, is also the very reason why living has become a very expensive. Fewer and fewer raw materials are becoming available, thus, producing them and turning them into everyday goods cost more. It is such a shame that we live in a time when everything that was freely given to us, has to be paid now for too much.

I have recently joined an environmentalist group that focuses on the care for the sea and marine life. I am very drawn to the sea and it would really hurt if the beauty of the ocean is put to waste, literally and figuratively. I hope people reading this will also try to help in their own ways.

Effects of Global Warming on Marine Life and Humans

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Everybody knows what global warming is. Everybody knows it is happening. Everybody knows that it exists. Yet, despite the shouts of environmentalist and other concerned sectors, nobody seems to be batting an eyelash on just how miserable life has become, and continue to become, because of global warming.

This is a very straightforward blog and it may come out strong for a first entry, but it is a major issue that I have been trying to fight through my journey as a Marine Biologist.

Here are three evident effects of global warming:

Rise in sea levels

The poor creatures of the sea who at first glance seem to live so far away from us and could not be so easily damaged by human hands, still have to suffer because of global warming that humans put out there. The rise in sea levels may cause no problem for sea creatures but they actually do. For one, this causes a change in the habitat of sea creatures. Water quality will decrease making it no longer habitable for other some marine creatures. Not to mention that this will also greatly affect the people living in coastal regions.

Drastic changes in weather

This need not be elaborated thoroughly because it is experienced by everyone. The changes in season no longer occur during the predicted time frame and when it’s hot, it is very hot, causing people to collapse in the streets due to heat stroke and exhaustion. When it’s cold, brain freeze and frostbite penetrates even the thickest of clothes. While animals have very adaptive natures, their lives are still put to danger because of this. This is also an extra problem for humans especially those who are fat or of heavier build. Fat becomes an insulator so when it is hot, the body that is covered in layers of fat absorbs heat more than a well-toned body does. Same goes for cold weather.

For people that fall into this category, it is probably best that a change in health lifestyle should be done so that the effect of global warming on the body would be minimized.

Increase number of natural catastrophes

Typhoons, tsunamis, floods, landslides, earthquakes, tornados, and all other disastrous natural calamities have been experienced by all, only this time that global warming is out there and happening, these tragedies have increased in number. Not only that, they have increased in force and power resulting in an increase of damage and death, as well. This effect is like nature’s way of telling us to stop before it’s too late. We should start taking nature’s message seriously and help in our own ways to prolong the life of mother earth. For the future citizens of this world, as well as for the future fishes, whales, crabs, seals and other animals from all types of habitats.

We are superior in mind to other animals for a purpose. That is, to protect all of our lives, humans and plants and all living things, alike. So far, humans have done just the opposite. Let us stop destroying our home. Learn about global warming and help.