How to Handle Ocean Parks

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Some people think that when you hear the word aquatic career, it only meant those who actually get wet and dive with the sea creatures and all that fun stuff. However, aquatic career includes more than just those jobs. It also refers to the people who own ocean parks, like a friend of mine does.

He has a small ocean park in the outskirts of Anniston, and I must say, with the way he works and the dedication he has showed, it is more than just a career for him.

He treats all the sea creatures like they are all his own pets, only difference is that they are on display for others to see as well.

In order to have a successful ocean park, the first thing that should be secured is the stability and strength of the place. The giant aquariums filled with marine life of all sizes should be built in the safest and strongest way possible. A single bolt out of place and these aquariums could easily break. A broken aquarium will result to the death of the sea animals and would possibly hurt those who came to visit the park, too.

Of course, the plumbing system should also be well thought of. Ocean parks are filled with areas that hosts waters for the marine animals, hence, the ins and outs of this water system should be solid and sound-proof, so as not to experience difficulties of leaking. Any sign of that could spell disaster for the place, not just on a business point of view, but also as a lover of the sea who hates seeing aquatic animals become a waste of life just because of human error.

I reminded my friend about this, and he knows that I would really discuss it with him. That was why he took the initiative to hire a good Anniston plumber when he was still building the whole place. He hired from the reputable C Mac Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service because he knows that I would recommend them. Well, most of the people living here would recommend them, it’s actually a no-brainer. He just really values my opinion regarding the matter because he knows that I am an advocate of marine life and since he has chosen to make a living out of them, well then, he better make sure he does it right, doesn’t he?


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Maintaining the cleanliness of the park is also one thing that should be given focus on. Dirt will not only discourage guests from coming, it could also harm the sea creatures. Special consideration for the animals should always be given because despite giving them 100 percent care and affection, they will still not be able to perform at their absolute best because they are not in their natural habit. If you end up forgetting to clean the place, the sea creatures will be very susceptible to all forms of danger.

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Lastly, a successful ocean park should have quality animals to display. Meaning, they should be in top shape always, and that if you can train some of them to do tricks and shows, it would certainly encourage more people to visit the park. Hiring the best animal trainers is a must because sea animals are very difficult creatures. Only people who studied the ways of these animals will be able to successfully train them.

Putting up an Ocean Park is not a cheap business venture. That is why it should be given utmost dedication for it to succeed. So, if you have your eyes set out on this business, too, then I certainly hope you put the welfare of your animals above your business desires. If not, someday, it will all come tumbling down, I tell you.

Preserving the Beauty of the Sea

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I love the beach. I make it a point to go to one, at least once a month. I go there to relax and enjoy the fresh breeze. Sometimes, I go there to swim, thinking that the sea would wash away all the negativity and worries I have. Also, I just really like how the cold water feels on my bae skin.

Of course, as a Marine Biologist, I really should have nothing but love for the sea. It is a part of who I am and it gives me a sense of purpose.

However, there seems to be danger. How so? Because I am afraid that if people neglect their obligations towards our beaches and the sea, then I will no longer have any place to enjoy swimming in and I will feel failure for not having enough power to save it. Of course, I really don’t have enough power to save marine life on my own. These big problems that the earth and sea life face, are in need of collective efforts. The whole world needs to join hands in protecting the planet, not just us marine people whose jobs depend on it. After all, if the sea starts to crumble and wither, it is not just our lives that would be greatly affected, but everybody else’s lives too.

There are a lot of environmental issues going on around the globe. Global warming, illegal logging and mining, and misuse of plastic and other non-biodegradable products, are a few of these problems.

Marine life has not been exempted from these troubles. Right now there are beaches that once had amazing blue waters that have turned muddy and brown because of wastes that are dumped in it. There are beaches that are found with frequent floating plastic. If I want to go scuba diving, I might only be dismayed at the discolored and dead reefs that use to be so alive and colorful.

This slow death that the marine world is slowly experiencing, no, that the whole world is experiencing, is also the very reason why living has become a very expensive. Fewer and fewer raw materials are becoming available, thus, producing them and turning them into everyday goods cost more. It is such a shame that we live in a time when everything that was freely given to us, has to be paid now for too much.

I have recently joined an environmentalist group that focuses on the care for the sea and marine life. I am very drawn to the sea and it would really hurt if the beauty of the ocean is put to waste, literally and figuratively. I hope people reading this will also try to help in their own ways.

Effects of Global Warming on Marine Life and Humans

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Everybody knows what global warming is. Everybody knows it is happening. Everybody knows that it exists. Yet, despite the shouts of environmentalist and other concerned sectors, nobody seems to be batting an eyelash on just how miserable life has become, and continue to become, because of global warming.

This is a very straightforward blog and it may come out strong for a first entry, but it is a major issue that I have been trying to fight through my journey as a Marine Biologist.

Here are three evident effects of global warming:

Rise in sea levels

The poor creatures of the sea who at first glance seem to live so far away from us and could not be so easily damaged by human hands, still have to suffer because of global warming that humans put out there. The rise in sea levels may cause no problem for sea creatures but they actually do. For one, this causes a change in the habitat of sea creatures. Water quality will decrease making it no longer habitable for other some marine creatures. Not to mention that this will also greatly affect the people living in coastal regions.

Drastic changes in weather

This need not be elaborated thoroughly because it is experienced by everyone. The changes in season no longer occur during the predicted time frame and when it’s hot, it is very hot, causing people to collapse in the streets due to heat stroke and exhaustion. When it’s cold, brain freeze and frostbite penetrates even the thickest of clothes. While animals have very adaptive natures, their lives are still put to danger because of this. This is also an extra problem for humans especially those who are fat or of heavier build. Fat becomes an insulator so when it is hot, the body that is covered in layers of fat absorbs heat more than a well-toned body does. Same goes for cold weather.

For people that fall into this category, it is probably best that a change in health lifestyle should be done so that the effect of global warming on the body would be minimized.

Increase number of natural catastrophes

Typhoons, tsunamis, floods, landslides, earthquakes, tornados, and all other disastrous natural calamities have been experienced by all, only this time that global warming is out there and happening, these tragedies have increased in number. Not only that, they have increased in force and power resulting in an increase of damage and death, as well. This effect is like nature’s way of telling us to stop before it’s too late. We should start taking nature’s message seriously and help in our own ways to prolong the life of mother earth. For the future citizens of this world, as well as for the future fishes, whales, crabs, seals and other animals from all types of habitats.

We are superior in mind to other animals for a purpose. That is, to protect all of our lives, humans and plants and all living things, alike. So far, humans have done just the opposite. Let us stop destroying our home. Learn about global warming and help.